Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome to the home of yard cups ;-)

I woud like to thank Sweetworld - the producer od yard cups - for supporting my website. What are yard cups?

Yard cups, also known as plastic slush ice cups are great for Slush, Ice coffee, Milk Shakes, Alcoholic Beverages, Juices and other cold drinks. Our yard cups are reusable, simply hand wash them and enjoy them over and over. These yard cups have become very popular among consumers in amusement parks, pool side bars, beach bars, dance clubs as well as many ice cream, gelato, slush and granita shops all over the world. These yard cups have become very popular for people who have slush dispensers at their restaurants. The cool and colorful design of these yard cups is very eye catching among children. Many sellers of slush have come up with a clever idea for marketing and selling the yard cups. Instead of selling their slush in a single use disposable cup, they offer the yard slush cup instead. Sometimes selling it at an extra cost but in return offering the customer free refills of slush into their yard cups on the same visit. The industry’s highest quality novelty slush yard cups are made of the newest Ramaped material. Therefore these slush yard cups stand out among the competitors with their clear cloud free transparent cup. Novelty yard cups come in many different sizes.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I am trying to migrate to my own WordPress blog...

Blogger is quite nice, however, it is not able to give you as many features as WordPress. Especially WordPress hosted on your own hosting account.

Enlarge the photo and look at the 'vehicle' parked there... :)

I have started this blog here, but now I see I should migrate to my own domain, here it is:

Clever Saving - money saving tips

you will be able to see my WordPress efforts there :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Your own energy, isotonic, etc. drink for your training.

Rushing from my office to the local gym I often do not have time for anything but buying a ready-made drink in a nearby shop, however...

...the post has been moved to a new hosting:

Your own energy, isotonic, etc. drink for your training.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden on a windowsill #2. Effects.

Do you remember my windowsill garden mentioned a few posts before? It is family fun, it saves some money (especially in case of expensive lemon balm) but it also gives a nice addition to your diet.

Here you can see my dish with some fresh green herbs improving the taste, making it look better and just making it more healthy.

What can you see apart from green herbs? Traditional Polish dumplings along with "maca" bread, however baked in a Polish manner with the use of wholemeal flour. Poured with premium quality Polish linum oil. The great thing for a Polish "facet"... ;-)
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